Sunday, September 26, 2010

Space Invaders Tutorial: Part 1 Setup

Welcome to the start of a great tutorial series on the great classic game Space Invaders. This part will be the setting up part of the tutorial. Please read this carefully as we will create a folder for the game with certain subdirectories.

Creating the main folder for this project we will need to create a new folder on the desktop.

Rename the folder to Space Invaders Tutorial.

Once you  have done that open the folder and add 1 subdirectory named Resources like so
Now we have to add 2 subdirectories for the resources folder. One named Graphics and the other named sounds.

Well done. Now we have the folder framework for our game. Now we have to add some code as this tutorial is for a game called space invaders. We need to have a framework so that the code can be read easier if you need help if there is something wrong and the other reason is so that you know what you are doing. Open up Basic4GL and type in the following to the program.

Well done now save it in the Space Invaders Tutorial folder that we created on the desktop and name it Space Invaders Tutorial.

Well done. You have successfuly completed the first part of the Space Invaders Tutorial on the Everything Basic4GL blog. I hope you have enjoyed this part of tutorial and you look forward to the next parts of the tutorial.
Please note: This tutorial series will be done by screenshots and text like this part was. The code will always be in the screen shot and sometimes will be under the image if it is hard to read or is longer than the screen. This will be done with text like this and will be coloured with the respected colour in the basic4GL IDE.

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